This Is How Senate Screened Professor Daramola Today


Professor Claudius Omoyele Daramola, ministerial nominee from Ondo state

Professor Claudius Omoyele Daramola, ministerial nominee from Ondo state, on October 22, while undergoing screening by the Senate has given the ‘intimidating’ content of his curriculum vitae (CV).

Professor of sociology of education stated that he was a made in Nigeria academic.

Meanwhile, answering to question posed to him by deputy Senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, on what he thinks is the cause of the perennial strikes, he, among other things, blamed it on lack of communication between government and staff unions, poor funding, poor monitoring of government funds sent to academic institutions.

Also speaking on how he hopes to grasp the poor admission of girl-child in schools, if nominated ‘minister of education,’ Daramola supposed that the use of community radio should be re-introduced to play a key role in advocacy campaigns, especially in rural communities across the country.

The professor added that the community radio will play actual role to targeting parents living in rural communities, particularly using vernacular (their mother dialect).

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