Photos: Crowd Smile Moments Before They Were Massacred By ISIS Gunmen In Paris


Jubilant fans are seen smiling and waving at the Eagles Of Death Metal concert moments before 89 of them were massacred by ISIS gunmen

These poignant photographs show jubilant fans at the Eagles Of Death Metal gig moments before they were massacred by ISIS gunmen in Paris.

The pictures are clear enough to pick out individual faces in the crowd, some of whom were among the 89 victims slaughtered at the Bataclan Concert Hall on Friday night.

Some fans can been seen making the horn hand gesture that is popular within the heavy metal culture. Others are smiling for camera, raising their glasses or simply enjoying the music. 

The pictures are understood to have been taken just a few minutes before three gunmen burst into the venue at 9.40pm (8.40pm GMT) as the Californian rock band were launching into one of their favourites, Kiss The Devil

Eagles of Death Metal fans have launched a campaign to get the band to Number One in a show of solidarity in the wake of the attack which killed 132 people and left hundreds more injured.

More than 6,200 people have backed the Facebook campaign, which hopes to take the Californian band’s cover of Duran Duran’s Save a Prayer to the top spot.

In less than 24 hours, the song has already reached Number One on the iTunes UK rock chart.

Fans insist the campaign is ‘a respectful united demonstration of support for the band and those affected by the horrific ordeal in Paris this week’.

Shocking pictures emerged after the massacre showing bodies littered across the floor where those happy fans had once stood

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