Beyonce Fuels Pregnancy Rumours After Using A Body Double For Demanding Music Video Shoot



34-year-old Beyonce fueled speculation that she was expecting her second child with hubby, Jay Z, as she was spotted filming a music video in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. As she filmed, the star covered up in a baggy sweatshirt, and was seen using a body double for the video’s more demanding shots.

Demure: Beyonce wore a black, zip-up sweatshirt for the shoot, covering her caramel tresses with the hood

Beyonce sported an over-sized black, zip-up sweatshirt, worn with the hood pulled up over her curly, caramel tresses. The zip-up hoodie was also covering up a flowing, black gown that the Partition hitmaker was wearing for filming. She stood in front of a massive, bright red backdrop on top of a building in Downtown Los Angeles for the shots.

Looking bright: The caramel-haired body double, with similar curly tresses to Beyonce, sported a colorful, patterned zip-up jacket and black skintight trousers

Drones were put to use on the set, which also saw a body double for the mother-of-one, who is rumored to be expanding her family. A woman with similarly, curly tresses to Beyonce could be seen stepping in front of the red backdrop sporting a grey zip-up sweatshirt and coordinating, skintight trousers.

Ready to go: She could be seen leaping off of the building in the stunt 

The stand-in was also strapped into a large, white harness, which was then later used as she appeared to dive off the side of the building.  She also sported a brightly colored zip-up jacket and black leggings in another attempt at the daring feat.

Off she goes! Beyonce's double was a blur as she hopped off of the roof for the daring shot 

The body double was assisted by a collection of crew members as she stood near the edge of the building before hopping off to complete the video’s stunt. Meanwhile, RadarOnline reported that from the way the Grammy winner was acting, ‘it was pretty apparent’ that the pregnancy rumors are true.

Hard at work: The in-demand artist is next set to join headliners Coldplay in the Super Bowl half-time show next month

The source also noticed Beyonce’s affinity for more form-fitting and/or revealing clothing that highlights her enviable figure. Sporting the loose-fitting zip-up over the flowing dress ‘was pretty indicative that she was covering up,’ RadarOnline reported.

Mum's the word: Beyonce is yet to address the latest round of baby rumours 

Beyonce was also reportedly ‘complaining about being really tired and nauseous’ during the video shoot. However, the star has yet to comment herself on the pregnancy rumors.

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