Photos: 8 Year Old Weds 14 Year Old In Zaria



While advanced societies are trying to wage a war to stop child marriage, in Zaria parents joined their eight year old daughter and fourteen years old SS1 boy in matrimony. They are of the Baba Ahmed family in Zaria and this is reportedly not the first of such marriages they have conducted. The  marriage has indeed been formalized between the two ‘lovers’, there will be no sexual intercourse until at least they finish their secondary school education. It is unclear if there will be other marital duties such as cooking, living together or going for outings.



According to the culture of the Northerners in Nigeria that ceremony signifies the girl is being betrothed to the boy but as soon as they are both mature enough usually after Secondary school, then they properly consummate the marriage and can perform marital duties.
Some would have thought things like this no longer exist but marriage between minors has raised a lot of concerns about how the war against child bride is faring and it is a controversial topic among-st Nigerians. There are many views, Some are totally outraged at the concept of wedding between minors and even say it is unconstitutional as the ‘bride’ is not of age and she did not give her consent while others say they do not find anything wrong with it as the couple will grow to love each other forever.TheHeraldng

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