Woman Stabs Teenager Over ‘Husband-Snatching’ Scandal In Ghana



Residents of East Tanokrom, Takoradi Metropolis, Ghana, were Friday, thrown into shock as a house wife, one Effia Mensah, stabbed a 15-year-old teenager identified only as Lu’lu over allegations that she was having an affair with her husband, Komnan Mensah. Effia, a mother of two had trailed the victim to her apartment which she claimed was rented for her by her husband on the other side of town.
Meanwhile, her husband who was not present at home to celebrate the cross-over night with his family, was with the victim. It was gathered that the victim, an only child to her deceased parents, had been having an affair with the father of two. Effia trailed her husband to the victim’s apartment, where she stabbed her on the eye.

A police officer from the Komfoase, Takoradi Police station, confirmed that the mother of two stabbed her victim with a ‘sharp knife on her right eye after trailing her husband.’ He said:

“I was just passing by when people beckoned on me, saying there had been an incident here. When I got to the scene, the victim was bleeding profusely, with all her bed soaked with blood. I recognised someone I knew and asked him to take the victim to the hospital so I could investigate the case and arrest Effia.

“She is going with me to the hospital, after which, I will take her to the station for questioning,” the police officer noted.
Speaking with DAILY POST, Mensah said, “I was very surprised coming back to a house I just left, only to see people wailing.

“When I asked, I was told a certain woman who happened to be my wife, stabbed Lu’lu, my friend, who had been taken to a hospital. In short I was just rushing off to the hospital before you asked to have a chat with me.”
At the hospital, Essikado General Hospital, Lu’lu, who had been put under life support was crying profusely.

When our correspondent asked Mensah if he could reckon with what happened, he spoke further:

“My wife does not understand English very well, hence, I will speak in my dialect so I don’t cause more harm. She does not satisfy me in bed, so I decided to have a girlfriend who can satisfy me. I wonder how she managed to know where Lu’lu resides, to the extent of stabbing her?” Mensah added.

“I do everything as a husband, a father,” the father of two added, stating further that, “my family is never hungry. Where did I go wrong or is it because I decided to take a girl friend?”

Meanwhile, when the suspect was asked if she had proof of Lu’lu being her husband’s lover before she decided to hurt her, Effia said, “I am very sure. My husband hardly sleeps at home. So I trailed him on Christmas day and I found out where he always visited.

“I asked questions around before I concluded and today (Friday), he left the house very early so I decided to follow him behind without his knowledge, ” she stated.

Hmmmm, serious matter. Why don’t ladies/women just leave other women’s husbands alone sef? See the major gbege she has put herself now … all in the name of dating a married man!


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