Senator Shehu Sani Gives Buhari 11 Tips To Enjoy His Vacation


In a statement published on Senator Shehu Sani’s Facebook account, he listed the following 11 tips for President Buhari to enjoy his vacation:

1. Shut down your Facebook account for the duration of the holidays.

2. Freeze your twitter accounts for the duration of the holidays.

3. Shut down your phone and get a new foreign SIM card only accessible to your immediate family members and instruct them not to give that number to anyone outside of the family. Nigerian SIM card will always have a way of popping up local news through bulk sms.

4. Avoid reading newspapers both foreign and local; and if you must read foreign avoid the Africa section.

5. Avoid watching local TV stations via cable and even BBC and CNN; our north east problem are always there. If you must watch just stay tuned to Sunna TV or national geographic or discovery or Comedy Central.

6. Don’t travel with office files, leave them till you are back.

7. Ask not to be updated on the current price of crude oil or the state of the naira or the state of the foreign reserve.

8. Avoid the temptation of calling any Governor, Senator or Minister or party chieftain for any briefing.

9. Avoid people who want to pay a ‘courtesy visits to our president who is on vacation.

10. Avoid business men and politicians who will trail and trace you there.

11. Just eat, pray, engage in sports, read your religious books and sleep for the duration of your well deserved holidays.

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