Here Is A Makeup Tutorial For Valentine’s Day


Valentine is just two days away and we want you to look hot for your man. Here’s what you need for this look;

Mac-natural radiance primer+prep.
The Professionals-benefits (oil block).
L’oreal-Infallible (Foundation).
Puff Foam.
Nars-caramel (concealer).
Sasha powder-buttercup (for baking).
Ruby Kisses-go brow eyebrow kit.
Mac-pro palette concealer.
Ruby Kisses- bign’ beautiful (eye-shadow palette).
Ruby Kisses- boom boom fatty mascara.
Ruby Kisses-ahh-mazing bottom mascara.
Terrecota- guerlain bronzer.
Ruby Kisses-lip emollient (lip primer).
Mac-cantaloupe (blush palette).
Mac-glorify, wisper of gult (highlight).
Mac- In anticipation (lip liner).
Ruby Kisses- matte lip lacquer

Watch vlogger Irischel507 transform in the valentine date night makeup tutorial;

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