Video: Native Doctor Kills Two In Kogi State


A journey to a self-acclaimed native doctor has ended in a horrible way for two men in Kogi State in Nigeria’s central region.The native doctor, Mr Dan Asabe, who is a resident of Kungbani village in Lokoja Local Government Area of Kogi State was reported to have killed the men and buried them in his backyard.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Police in Kogi State are investigating how the two men were killed and buried by the suspect who is now in Police custody. While recounting the hideous manner in which he killed the two men, Asabe said that the two men came to him to seek for protection against gunshots.

“After I did the work, (there was) no sign of the work and I did not know how to tell them that this work is not good again and I got confused. So I poisoned them and they died,” the suspect confessed, adding that he hastened their death by hitting them with a stick.

A local clinic operator, Ben Irewa, who was alleged to have sold the poison to the suspect denied vehemently, claiming that he gave Asabe drugs to cure his itching.He added that he told the suspect to return to him if the itching persists in three days, saying that he never returned to him. As the Police continue investigation into the case, they urged the residents to be watchful and report any suspicious activity in their environment to prevent similar occurrence.

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