Who Was The Worst Dressed At The Grammys Last Night?


Grammy Awards worst dressed stars hit an all time low on the red carpet

Left to right: Dencia, singer Joy Villa, Jacqueline Van Bierk and Z LaLa led the list of worst dressed stars on the red carpet at the Grammys last night. Who’s you worst dressed? See more photos after the break

 Baring it all (and then some): Singer Joy Villa wore a very risque ensemble which showed off far too much skin

When embellishments go very wrong... Cameroonian pop singer Dencia appears to have gone a bit crazy with her glue gun before the event began, arriving on the red carpet in a pink onesie which was covered in crystals - and plush Hello Kitty dolls

Showgirl: The singer showed off her Vegas routes - and most of her skin - in this piece made exclusively of mesh and rhinestone fringe over a unclad bra and thong

Caged in: Z LaLa wore what looked like a black spider's web around her torso

Caged in: Z LaLa wore what looked like a black spider's web around her torso - and seemed to be channeling some classic Cherat the 1986 Academy Awards

The night's supervillain: Ambient singer Jacqueline Van Bierk looked as though she should be cackling atop an evil lair at Batman in this horrifying sheer bodysuit and cape mix

Having a laugh: The Mavericks were a little inconsistent with their stylishness, with members Paul Deakin (left) and Eddie Perez (right) looking appropriately rock and roll while bandmate Jerry Dale McFadden (center) looked the spitting image of The Joker

What's going on there? Jes Brieden, 41, had far too many additions to this outfit, from the sheer cape over the embellished half gown to the feathered bodice and the strange structure protruding from one side

Singer Diamond White was more tacky than sexy

Top to bottom disaster: Producer Shawn Everett, the winner of the Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for Sound & Color, sported one of the most perplexing looks of the night in order to promote Save the Arctic

Looking sheepish: Timbaland looked like he just got off the bus for school in his backpack and headphones

Ghouling it up: Swedish band looked ominous in their stage gear as they showed up to pick up the Grammy for Best Metal Performance

Over the fringe: Elle King's figure was drowned in this fringe-drenched and far-too-busy piece

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