Lets Save Paul Arisa Who Is Down With Cancer



The guy above visited his friend who is down with cancer, to show the world that it’s not a scam. Cyprian Iwuala, a friend of the victim has now paid him a visit, to confirm the authenticity of the claim.

In a Facebook post, he said in part: “I feel very hurt now, to see this man’s health condition. I don’t want him to die. Please, folks, they say the money needed for his treatment is N6.5m. Support him the little way you can. God bless you!”

 “Paul Arisa is a 27 year old post NYSC and a graduate of Estate management from Abia State University Uturu who has been battling cancer for years. His medical report states that he was diagnosed of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.Thereafter, the tumour achieved remarkable reduction. However, about a year after chemotherapy, the tumour started progressively increasing in size until it became a very huge neck mass and subsequently started affecting the left cervical lymph node, axillary and groin lymph node.

When no remarkable results were achieved, the doctors advised that radiotherapy could prove more effective. Unfortunately due to the high cost of the radiotherapy treatment (currently priced at almost 2million Naira), Paul is still currently waiting to gather enough funds to begin the treatment.

He also has up to 5months unpaid Chemotherapy treatments, which also needs to be settled before any further progression with his treatments.”

This is how you can reach or assist him.
First Bank
Chukwu Arisa Paul
Or visit this link: https://www.gofundme.com/95pk26h8

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