Zimbabwean Veteran Intimacy Worker Retires After Sleeping With Over 4000 Men



55-year-old Sylvia Kandeya aka SK, claims to have slept with over 4000 men during her 30-year sex work life and she has now decided to retire. In a recent interview, she said

“The only work that I have done in my life is to sell sex services for close to three decades; I am 55 years now and I don’t remember the exact number of men that I have offered services but it may be as high as 4,000.”

When asked how many men she beds per day, she said:

“I used to sleep with more than 7 men per day but now things have changed; I am going into retirement, it’s now one or two men per month. Regarding her achievements, she said: “I managed to buy a stand here in Mt Darwin Township, built a house and I also sent my children to school.”…. at Bowen in Nigeria


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