Nigerian Activist, Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye Threatens To Expose Awards Organizers For Sidelining A Woman For Being A Single Mum


In a Facebook post yesterday, Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye, the coordinator of Walk Against Rape, said: “I was invited to join a committee for a “Women’s Award” slated for August. I agreed to join “only” because the organisers said the vision is to celebrate outstanding women from different states in Nigeria and also give them grants to support their projects etc.

I asked for a list and we started discussing different categories and reasons why each of the nominees deserve the award. A single mother who is based in Ebonyi was also nominated for her work with widows and some members of the committee asked that her name be removed and I asked why, according to them this woman is a single mum and she is from a remote state, therefore she is undeserving of the award based on this “senseless reasons”.

It turned into an argument and the organizers said they won’t add her name to the list. I told them politely that i can’t be part of a group of women who will discredit another woman because she is a single mum and I left the group in peace. The only reason why this woman was on the list in the first place is because of her work , downplaying her effort because of her story is wickedness. I don’t know this woman but I did a google search out of curiosity and saw pictures of the widows she has helped by giving them hope.

Here is my thing: I wish you well with the Award BUT if that woman is not on that list when you kick off publicity I WILL CALL YOU OUT. We can’t be shouting women supporting women and we are the first to bring our felllow woman down. You want to take away somebody’s glory because of her story, what has being a single mum got to do with being awarded for your sweat as a “WOMAN” and then the whole “she is not based in a particular state thing is pure rubbish. Fear God!

I don’t know this woman but then I have lots of respect for single mothers, it’s not a position anyone prays for neither should they be judged based on that. I am for peace and harmony but on this one I no go keep quiet …Naah! No time for fakeness, it’s 2016.”

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