Power Firm Officials Electrocuted, Residents Blame Company


Residents of Kogberegbe Street, in the Isolo area of Lagos State say they have yet to recover from the shock of watching two officials of the Ikeja Electric being electrocuted by high-tension cables. The residents blamed the electricity distribution company, saying something was fishy about the incident. They also called for an immediate investigation and prosecution of suspects, urging that the victims’ families be adequately compensated. The two electricity workers had arrived at the area on Wednesday around 2pm to install a transformer in the community.

The first worker, identified as Aloma, was said to have mounted the high tension pole after a telephone call had been made to the office that power should be switched off.

It was gathered that as the victim worked, power was suddenly restored in the area.

A resident, Ololade Ultimate, said Aloma was electrocuted immediately, adding that he spent about one hour on the pole.

He said, “Aloma and his colleagues were not on an illegal duty. They came with the transformer which they wanted to install in the area.

“Aloma made a call to their office that they were about to start working and power was switched off.

“Five minutes after Aloma climbed the pole, power was restored and he was electrocuted.”

The victim’s hand, along with the safety gloves, was reportedly cut off by the voltage.

Another resident, Ibrahim Kazeem, said Aloma’s colleague, Bode, made a call to the office to alert them to the incident.

After waiting for about one hour without anyone showing up, Bode was reported to have called the office again, informing them of his plan to remove the corpse of his colleague.

“They switched off the power again, and Bode climbed the pole. By this time, there was a crowd on the street. Women were crying, some people were shouting; there was confusion everywhere.

“Bode climbed up the ladder and started loosening the strap around Aloma’s waist to bring him down.

“He was there for just a few minutes when power was restored again. He was electrocuted as well,” Kazeem added.

It was gathered that Bode fell off the pole onto the roof of a Christ Apostolic Church after power went off yet again.

He was said to have finally landed on the ground, breaking his neck.

“He was soaked in blood,” a witness said.

Adewale Solesi, another witness, said Bode was rushed to the Isolo General Hospital, but was rejected. He was then transferred to the Gbagada General Hospital for treatment.

A third official was reportedly sent from the office, who then safely removed Aloma’s corpse.

A tailor, Mrs. Amzat Olabisi, said residents were thrown into mourning over the incident.

“Everybody was in tears. It is obvious that somebody was behind what happened to those men. We learnt that they were not the ones that were supposed to do the job, but somebody asked them to go there. The power was just coming on and off, as if it was somebody’s toy. This was not ordinary,” she added.

Dimeji Ogunlade called for a thorough investigation into the case and punishment of those found wanting in the discharge of their duties.


  1. This is very very bad and suicidal! Very unfortunate! No doubt,someone,very demonic,wicked and selfish intentionally did it. A thorough investigation should be carried out immediately and the culprit should be arrested and charged to court for prosecution. The person who did this dastardly act is worse than boko haram and should not be allowed to live normal people in the society. Ikeja Power Distribution should with every sense of urgency and seriousness,put its house in order and flush out the bad eggs within its corporation.

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