Scrap Almajiri Schools System – Ganduje


The Kano state governor, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, has asked the Federal Government to do away with the almajiri education system introduced during the previous administration under President Goodluck Jonathan.He criticised the almajiri school policy executed by the former President Goodluck Jonathan administration, saying it was a wrong policy which was not well articulated.

“The last federal government introduced the Almajiri schools but the school is not well articulated, it is a wrong policy. For example in my village, we have this school with only 50 students and in Kano we have over 3 million Almajiris and the number of Almajiri is almost a problem to the number of school children so the issue is not creating a school.If you are creating an Almajiri school that is abnormal, who will like to be tag Almajiri? Is it that after completing your studies your certificate will be tagged Almajiri? And later in life you will be called a graduate of Almajiri school? Which means you were an Almajiri before, so it has some social problems.”

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