Alibaba & Wife Renew Wedding Vows After 15 years In The UAE


Ali Baba and Mary Akpobome

Ace Comedian Ali Baba and his wife of 15 years, Mary Akpobome have renewed their marriage commitment today in the UAE. See photos of them 15 years ago

Alibaba & Mary B on their wedding day

The couple on their wedding day 15 years ago

15 Years Ago

Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 007Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 009

Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 012Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 005Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 006Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 010Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 001

Ali-Baba-Throwback-Wedding-Pictures-April-2016-BellaNaija 002

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