Ladies, This Is Why You Should Never Send Your Man To Buy Your Makeup


Imgur images reveal that women should NEVER send a man to buy makeup

The 26-year-old man known only as Blufiz was given an extensive list including eyelashes, matte lipstick and dry shampoo (centre) – but appeared bamboozled by the beauty jargon he was confronted with. His hapless messages from inside the shop show him becoming increasingly confused as he tries to navigate the beauty aisle, eventually getting to the checkout only to discover that he has forgotten his wallet anyway.

'That looks like nail polish': Imgur user Blufiz falls at the first hurdle when he confuses nail polish with lipstick

He insists: ‘No no I’m fine I can do this. Just walk me through it.’ However as he begins his quest for a tube of matte lipstick, it soon becomes clear that he has no idea what he is looking for, as he sends his partner a photograph of a bottle of nail polish, asking: ‘Does brand matter?

‘Color sensational? This ones called sugar chic. Is that color close enough.’

When his partner patiently explains that although she likes the colour, it is not intended for lips, he asks: ‘Isn’t this place sorted by nails, lip stuff, hair stuff?’

As he trimphantly finds the lipstick section he exclaims, ‘Matte!’ before confusedly adding: ‘Light bright doesn’t exist’.

Evidently confused by his instructions, the man asks his girlfriend to clarify what she meant by 'light bright'

She explains that they were merely 'description words' not the name of a colour

'Someone ate this one': The boyfriend is baffled by the concept of a tester tube, before finding an intact one

Fooling around: When asked to smear a bit of lipstick on his hand, Blufiz draws an intricate cartoon dinosaur

When asked to smear a bit of lipstick on his hand, Blufiz draws an intricate cartoon dinosaur

Failing to spot that the false eyelashes come with glue and an applicator, he takes it upon himself to buy a stash of PVA glue

He is about to move onto dry shampoo when he realises that he has forgotten his wallet

it becomes clear the entire trip has been in vain when he admits: ‘I forgot my wallet.’

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