New Shoes Should Be A Blessing Not A Curse!


New shoes should be aWe have all experienced the blisters and foot pain associated with a new pair but there are ways to break in your shoes minus the associated discomfort.

1.     Let them soak

New shoes made of leather? Spray the inside with a mix of rubbing alcohol and water and then wear them for approximately 20 minutes. This should encourage the shoes to mold to your natural shape (rather than the other way around).

2.     Get icing

Fill your shoes with plastic bags of water and pop them in the freezer overnight. This will make the water turn into ice which gradually expands and subsequently widens the shoe.


 3.     Wear them in right

Layer some thick socks and wear your new shoes around the house whilst doing chores or cooking dinner. This will let them grow naturally without giving you painful blisters.


4.     Turn up the heat

Blast your blow dryer over your new shoes for a few minutes. This helps the leather expand much faster than it usually would. Just be careful with any flammable fabrics.

5.     Take it slow

The simplest way to break in shoes without pain is to wear them for short periods of time only and work up to full days instead of doing a 10-hour stint in one go.

So are you ready for some new shoes?

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