When Brushing Teeth, Which Is Better? Cold Or Warm Water?


Is it better for the teeth and gums to brush your teeth using cold, lukewarm, or hot water? ANY dentists here?

Read what some doctors said below and let us know if you agree with themWater is the least important ingredient when brushing your teeth. Using a lot of water and rinsing well after brushing dilutes the effect of the fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is the element that prevents the acid attacks of the bacteria.

Dr. Kelvin Hanley said:

Is brushing your teeth with hot water more effective than with cold water?

No: The temperature of the water should make no difference when you brush your teeth. The most important thing for brushing your teeth is proper technique. Make sure you brush all the surfaces of your teeth, getting along the gum line especially. Also, be sure to floss when you are finished brushing, as this will clean the surfaces between

your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach.
Dr. Robert Kwok said:

Is it true that brushing your teeth with carbonated water could be a good way to avoid hepatitis A?

Tap water has HepA?: If a person, especially in developing countries, thinks the tap water or well water is contaminated, then using bottled mineral water is safer. One can also boil water daily, and use it for drinking and brushing teeth. Of course, one can catch hepa from contaminated undercooked or uncooked foods, plus from

contaminated undercooked or uncooked foods, plus from touching contaminated surfaces and then accidentally transferring virus from hands to mouth.
So make sure to brush twice everyday, whether you use cold, room temperature or warm water.


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