Sad! Woman Fights With Husband Then Sets House On Fire Killing Herself & Their Children!

Caroline Wanjiru, a 37-year-old Kenyan woman is alleged to have locked the gate to her residence, then took her kids to the bedroom where she doused them with petrol and set them on fire. The children Grace Murugi, 9, and Paul Macharia, 2, were charred beyond recognition alongside their mother who is said to have fought with her husband prior to the incident. The husband, a senior banker was away at the time of the incident.

Neighbours who went to the residence to put out the fire had a hard time as the place had been locked and they had to break down the gate. The three were dead before the fire was put out. A car had been parked close to the gate making it impossible to open the gate even after breaking the lock.
What an avoidable waste of lives!

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