This Reusable Wee Bag Is Just What Lagos Commuters Need In #Traffic


HeWee Go Active

A revolutionary new device is set to end the misery of motorists when nature calls and they can’t answer – a reusable wee bag. The HeWee Go Active is being touted as the ideal solution for any man who needs to relieve himself without actually going to the bathroom – because it can be put on in the morning and worn all day. The jockstrap-like device allows the wearer to sit their manhood comfortably in one of three different-sized sheaths, and urinate through a small tube into a washable and tear-resistant plastic bag – which can hold a pint’s worth of liquid.

 The sheaths, which come in three different sizes measuring 30, 35 and 40mm, apparently hold nearly a pint's worth of liquid

Blokes will soon be able to strap on the device in the morning and then go about their day without the need to stop whatever they are doing in order to nip to the loo. Men in certain roles, including pilots, long-distance lorry drivers and concert pianists often do not have the time to stop and go to the toilet, so the 440ml container can be increased with a larger fluid bag – that is strapped to the thigh or leg.

The device comes with an adjustable support belt of up to 40 inches, but for those with a larger waist, a ten-inch extension strap is available 

It is also being hailed as a potential lifesaver for disabled gents or the elderly who may struggle to get up and go.  A spokesperson for the company said:

“The HeWee Go Active fits securely onto the wearer and, unlike medical urination systems, can be washed and reused again and again.”

HeWee Go Active

It comes with an adjustable support belt of up to 40 inches, but for those of a larger girth, they can order a ten-inch extension strap. A spokesperson added:

“The man chooses from two diaphragm sizes and three sheath sizes. A rubber flange containing the chosen diaphragm fits through the reinforced ring on the front of the support belt.

HeWee Go Active

“The sheath is then rolled over the penis to provide a good fit, with any excess left rolled. This rolled section of the sheath stretches over the front part of the flange and is held securely in position.”

The device will be available online from later this year.

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