UNILAG Student Arrested For posting This Picture Of A Senior Staff On Facebook


Read below what happened below
“The reality is upon us. At about 6:40pm today the 11th of May, a fellow Akokite was arrested. His crime?

He reposted a picture on his Facebook page of the deputy Dean 2 of the Students Affairs Division in person of Dr Karo Ogbinaka.Dr Karo made complaints to the Alpha base that he found the picture to be a threat to his life and therefore he should be arrested.Fellow Akokites, we are writing exams and our brother is at the moment in police custody for reposting a picture on his Facebook page.

Our school authority are now demi gods that should be constantly revered. All attempts to bail Dolapo Olusesi has proven futile as the policemen claim they have been asked by the school management not to release him to serve as a lesson to others. A call put through to the DSA has proven futile as the DSA has asked that he be left there.Dolapo Olusesi is a 300 Law student. Dolapo needs to read for exams. Dolapo is at the moment in a cell. We call for the immediate release of a fellow learning colleague as this is an abysmal act on the part of the school authority.

UNILAG is a mess”

This is what Ogbinaka posted. But what confuses me is if Dolapo is the original meme creator or if the simply reposted it.

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