Join In The Festival Of Football


The time has come again for all the football fans and team supporters to get geared for one of the most widely viewed sporting competition of the year. As the clock is ticking to the largest football tournaments in the world, UEFA Euro kicks off today the 10th of June in France by 8pm. This year’s edition promises to be exciting, action-packed and mind blowing as for the first time 24 teams contest for the trophy following the expansion from 16 teams.

The side attraction for the month long tournament is that it would feature some of the very best players of this generation such as Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Ibrahimovic for Sweden, Karim Benzema for France, Segio Ramos for Spain, Gareth Bale for Wales and lots more. There are a few favourites for the trophy such as Spain who are going into the tournament as defending Champions after winning the prestigious trophy in Ukraine in 2012. Meanwhile teams like Germany poses a major threat to Spain’s campaign given the quality of their players as well as other favourites which include England and France.


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