Biafra Avengers Threaten To Kill Buhari’s Daughter, Zahra, Over Detention Of Nnamdi Kanu



Biafra Avengers Militant Group Leader Ogone Ogochukwu Threatens To Kill Buhari’s Daughter Zahra, Family Over Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Imprisonment. In a new video released by a new militant group called Biafra Avengers, a self acclaimed leader of the group who identified himself as Ogheneochuko threatened to kill Buhari’s daughter, Zahra. Read below, a transcript of the video that was recently deleted by YouTube.

“This video is for you the corrupt leaders of the zoo called Nigeria. Buhari’s family will die soon, and most especially that one called Zara, that is the name I gave to my dog. Buhari has been holding our director. “I want Buhari to know that nobody has the monopoly of violence, this is the time for him to lose some members of his family. Release our director, Nnamdi Kanu now, if you want any negotiations and you must release him before the end of this month. Today is the 7th of July.


If he fails to release our director, Nnamdi Kanu in the coming days, we warn, we will do what we want to do, and we will carry out our mission. After Buhari, we will go after all the governors in Igboland. “Buhari should tell his military or Boko Haram members to release Biafra-land now, before the end of this month, otherwise what will become of you people, you will never forget it.


Today is the 7th of July, I just want to give you serious warning, there should be no flying in Biafra-land. Biafra-land is hereby declared no fly zone’, if you try it, we will bring you down, get the warning now. I have no mum, I have no dad, I have no one to look unto, and so if I die today, what is the point? We are not losing anything. But we will make sure you lose your family, Buhari you will lose your family.


“Today is the 7th day of July 2016, I promise you that Aso Rock will burn; Rochas Okorocha and all the governors in Igboland, your lives are in danger. We hereby warn all fake Igbos not to speak for us, we know those that are speaking for us, we will do anything to restore Biafra, more groups are coming, Buhari, you have not seen anything yet. The worst is coming if you fail to release our director. “We have a link with Niger Delta Avengers. Nigeria will burn to ashes.”

These were the words of the self-acclaimed leader of the new militant group, Ogheneochuko, who said he had nothing to lose if he died fighting for Biafra as he had no parents nor siblings.


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