Femi Adesina Explains Why President Buhari’s Appointments Are Biased


Sequel to accusations that President Muhammabu Buhari is bias in his appointments, his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says the President is not compelled to consider federal character all the time. Adesina, who admitted that Buhari’s appointments is more favorable to some regions than others, said other regions would be taken care of. Speaking on a Channels Television programme last night, the Presidential aide said “there are some (appointments) that are not necessarily subject to federal character.”

“When it is the turn of a person to hold a certain office and you say because he is from a certain region you then bypass him for another person, you have been unfair to that person and also to the system,” he said.

“The security system often times operates on hierarchy and efficiency. So if you have a senior person who is also efficient and because he comes from a certain region, you bypass him, I think you are being unjust and unfair to somebody.”

Adesina also described as unfair accusations from various quarters over the President’s silence on some issues in the country but was quick to make comments on international matters. He said the life of every Nigerian is a priority to the present administration.

“It amazes me when people say they have not heard on this and that. What they expect is that the president will come out personally to talk on those things, which I don’t think is the thing to do,” he said.


“Why does the president have aides? Why does he have ministers? Why do we have officials in government? When they have spoken on those issues, I think we should consider that government has spoken on them.


“Yes, the president may have not adopted the style of other leaders, but the life of every Nigerian is precious to him.”


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