Graphic Photos: Child Kidnapper Caught, Beaten & Stripped Unclad


An alleged child kidnapper ran out of luck as he attempted to snatch an innocent child who was walking on the street with her mother. Eye witnesses say the man snatched the kid and jumped on his bike around Beckleys Estate, Abule Egba Lagos, and tried to ride away. Fate dealt him a fatal blow as the mother frantically cried for help and passersby came to her rescue chased him on their own bikes.

When he realized the chasers were unrelenting, he threw the child down to divert their attention but they kept on chasing him till he was apprehended, stripped and beaten black and blue.

The rescued child was injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The kidnapper escaped death from the angry mob as police from Oko Oba division came to his rescue and whisked him away.

What a cruel man. He deserves all he got plus more. Imagine the mother’s ordeal. God help us.

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