Video: How To Make Chapman By Bukie’s Kitchen Muse


This is what Bukie wrote:

If there ever was such a thing as the national drink of Nigeria, it would most likely be the Chapman drink. Served far and wide in restaurants all across the country, one could argue that this drink has over the last decade become as Nigerian as Jollof Rice or Egusi.

In fact, when I visit Nigerian restaurants abroad, I test there degree of Nigerian-ness by checking if they have Chapman on their menu. And if they do, I go ahead to make an order not just for the pleasure of it but also to rate how well their Chapman stacks up. Don’t we all.
The one thing that I find most puzzling about Chapman though is the secrecy and the length that restaurants are willing to go to keep their recipes a secret. Well, if you’re like me and you’ve wondered what’s in your Chapman, it’s most probably what I’ve concocted in this video.

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