Meet The 80-year-Old Grandma Who Is About To Break The Internet With Her Elegenat Style

Adorable: Ms Lin from China wears a silk pattered coat and teams it up with silver socks and high heels

The stunning granny was given a photoshoot for her birthday from her family during a visit to see her cousins in Shenyang in north-east China. On the day of the photoshoot, a team helped her prepare for the photos.Ms Lin made no attempts to put make up on her face saying that she wanted to keep her natural looks. Her glamorous style and interest in fashion is evident throughout the images that were taken during the photoshoot.

Ms Lin often shocks people with her age as many people think she looks a lot younger, according to the report. Photos of the woman show her dressed in items such as a bright silk dress teamed with black and pink sunglasses along with a luminous pink dress in pink high heels and silver tights.The pensioner even strutted her stuff in four-inch high heels.

See more elegant photos below

Black lace dress with stunning pearl earrings: Many people find it hard to believe this woman is 80 years old

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