Meet The Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Faces, Noses, Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows & Chins In The World


Computer mapping technology then created a picture of the most perfect female face

Computer mapping technology was used to create a picture of the most perfect female face

Johnny Depp’s estranged wife is the most beautiful woman in the world, according to facial mapping. Amber Heard’s face was found to be 91.85 per cent accurate to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – which for thousands of years was thought to hold the secret formula of perfection.

Using the theory, computer mapping technology also found that Kim Kardashian had perfect eyebrows, Scarlett Johansson came out on top for her eyes, Rihanna’s face shape was deemed the most beautiful, while Emily Ratajkowski’s lips and Kate Moss’s forehead were also praised.

The Most Beautiful Faces In The World 

Amber Heard

1. Amber Heard 91.85%

2. Kim Kardashian 91.39%

3. Kate Moss 91.06%

4. Emily Ratajkowski 90.8%

5. Kendall Jenner 90.18%

6. Helen Mirren 89.93%

7. Scarlett Johansson 89.82%

8. Selena Gomez 89.57%

9. Marilyn Monroe 89.41%

10. Jennifer Lawrence 89.24%

The Most Beautiful Nose in the World

Amber Heard

To calculate the Phi ratio of the nose – measure the length of the nose from its widest point to the middle of the eyebrows, and divide that by the width of the nose at its widest point – if that equals 1.618 you have the perfect nose dimensions.

Here is the top five:

1. Amber Heard 99.7%

2. Marilyn Monroe 99.6%

3. Emily Ratajkowski 99.56%

4. Helen Mirren 98.2%

5. Scarlett Johansson 97.1%

The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

Scarlett Johansson

The perfect spacing of the eyes is also a ratio of Phi. The distance between the eyes, divided by the length of the eye should equal 1.618.

Plus the positioning of the eyes in relation to the rest of the face is calculated. The distance from the nose to the edge of the eye, divided by the distance from the edge of the eye to the corner of the lips should equal 1.618.

1. Scarlett Johansson 95.95%

2. Rihanna 95.85%

3. Marilyn Monroe 95.8%

4. Kate Moss 95.75%

5. Cara Delevingne 95.14%

The Most Beautiful Lips In the World

Emily Ratajkowski

A very tight field for this area but Blurred Lines model Emily Ratajkowski just edged it with a phenomenal score of 96.7 per cent.

The mapping of the lips came from three measurements.

1. Area – the area of the bottom lip divided by the area of top lip should equal 1.618

2 Length – the length of the lip end to end divided by the distance at the base of the nose = 1.618

3. Distance from Nose. Corner of lip to opposite corner of nose, divided by length of the base of the nose = 1.618

Angelina Jolie had the most perfect size of lips with 98% but positioning of the lip from the jawline wasn’t quite as harmonious as the others.

1. Emily Ratajkowski 96.7%

2. Marilyn Monroe 95.7%

3. Kylie Jenner 95.02%

4. Natalie Portman 94.3%

5. Angelina Jolie 93.82%

The Most Beautiful Eyebrows in the World 

Kim Kardashian

There was only one likely winner of this. Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows are crafted to perfection – well 94.85% of perfection to be precise. There were two calculations performed – 1 Length of eyebrow from tip to tip divided by length from tip to arch, which if perfect should equal 1.618

And secondly the area from the eye to the eyebrow divided by the area of the eyebrow.

1. Kim Kardashian 94.85%

2. Selena Gomez 94.6%

3. Amber Heard 89.8%

4. Helen Mirren 88.7%

5. Kate Moss 87.63%

The Most Beautiful Chin In The World

Amber Heard

Again Amber Head came out top, with an almost perfect score of 99.6 per cent and Scarlett Johansson was a close second with 99.4%. The width of the chin just below the lip should be 1.618 times the length of the lip.

1. Amber Heard 99.6%

2. Scarlett Johansson 99.4%

3. Angelina Jolie 98.1%

4. Emily Ratajkowski 96.7%

5. Rihanna 94.7%

The Most Perfect Face

The face has elements including Amber Heard's nose, Kim Kardashian's eyebrows, Scarlett Johansson's eyes, Rihanna's face shape, Emily Ratajkowski's lips and Kate Moss' forehead

Facial mapping was then used to created the perfect face – with Amber Heard’s nose, Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows, Scarlett Johansson’s eyes, Rihanna’s face shape, Emily Ratajkowski’s lips and Kate Moss’s forehead.


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