Nick Cannon Leads Black Lives Matters Protest Outside Republican National Convention


Nick Cannon leads Black Lives Matters protest outside Republican National Convention

Rapper Nick Cannon joined Black Lives Matters protesters outside the Republican National Convention on Monday – and attacked both political parties.The former husband of singer Mariah Carey stood in front of banners and posters calling for justice and an end to shootings of black men by police.He said he felt let down by both Republicans and Democrats. He said: ‘We want to be respected. We want to feel safe. We want the American Dream.

Plague on both your houses: Nick Cannon said he was offering a bipartisan message that both parties had taken black votes for granted 

Speaking out: The rapper addressed protesters in Cleveland where he said he wanted to highlight the deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcementProminent cause: The deaths of the black men and women in police-involved shootings and other police-involved incidents is now the focus of protests outside the Republican National Convention

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