Research Reveals The Therapeutic Effects Of A Hug


A scientific study has revealed that when another person hugs you, they activate your pressure receptors. Those are found in your skin. These receptors are directly connected with something called vagus nerve. This nerve is located right in your brain. So, we could say the hug goes all the way up there at once. The vagus nerve is important, as it is responsible for regulating your blood pressure and the work of many other body systems.

When it gets stimulated in such a pleasant way through a hug, it normalizes the work of your organism. So, we can boldly talk of a healing touch. Moreover, when someone hugs us, the brain releases the happiness hormone called dopamine in response.  This hormone has a very powerful impact on you. It reduces the sense of being stressed out and lowers your blood pressure. You calm down, and the positive hormones neutralize the effects of adrenalin and cortisol.

Hugging has its own therapeutic effects on people. Don’t hold back, give that hug away now! Lol

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