See Indian Man Dubbed “The Devil” Because Of His Gigantic Hand That Won’t Stop Growing


A 25-year-old man, from Allahabad in India, suffering from a rare medical condition has an arm weighing a mammoth 44lbs – more than the double its normal size. He suffers from gigantism , a disease that causes excessive growth of body tissue. It means he can only walk for 10 minutes without taking a break because his 3st 1lb arm is so heavy – twice the weight of a dachshund.

As a young man Bablu faced severe abuse in his home town and was cruelly dubbed a “devil child” by his neighbours. He moved to Mumbai to seek proper treatment, but has struggled to find work in the city and continues to face prejudice on a daily basis.

The cost of the surgery could be as much as £15,000 – far beyond Bablu’s scope, as he is currently forced to live on the streets as a beggar.

man with big hand

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