Has A Justin Bieber Intimacy Tape Leaked? Hashtag Trends On Twitter


Justin Bieber sex tape

A Justin Bieber sex tape hashtag is trending on Twitter and Beliebers are frantically searching the internet for proof.Fans went wild on Sunday after pictures emerged of Justin showing his bare bum during a raunchy PDA with new girlfriend Sofia Richie on holiday in Mexico – and now rumours are doing the rounds that they were filmed having sex with the video leaking online.Snaps published by Mail Online show Justin with his buttocks showing and he has been accused by fans of having sex in public after the steamy session with Sofia.

It seems an unidentified chap in a white shirt appears to have interrupted the new couple and Justin ends up rearranging himself as he bares his behind.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Thanks Justin. I officially don’t know how to defend you in front of my friends/family anymore. #justinssextapeleakedparty.”

Another added: “LOL at Justin Bieber. Talking about privacy when you literally have sex in public. Cmon fam, you know they always catch you.”

But not everyone was convinced, with one follower writing: “You know celeb fangirl Twitter is made up of 14 yo girls when # justinssextapeleakedparty starts trending when he kisses his gf topless.”

Another added: “i like justin but im living for this drama # justinssextapeleakedparty.”

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