How Do You Handle Road Rage?


Road Rage

Every year, drivers throughout the world are killed or injured in road traffic. Young drivers run a greater risk everywhere, and this problem is still largely unsolved. The problem is road rage! How do you respond to road rage while driving? Read two recent accounts of incidences that occured because of road rage – one led to damage to two vehicles and the other led to the death of someone.

Man Killed While Pursuing Danfo Driver Who Bashed His Car

Residents of Maryland area in Lagos were shocked two days ago after a commercial bus a.k.a ‘Danfo’ hit and killed a man who was on his way to his office. According to an eyewitness, the man who is said to be a managing director in one of the offices in the area -was said to have died while trying to pursue the Danfo driver who bashed his car at Onigbongbo bus-stop, Marylan
The man reportedly left his car, removed his shoes and ran after the bus driver, according to report. While trying to hold the bus and accost the driver, the man was pushed away by the driver as he fell on the ground. He was immediately hit on the head by another bus which was coming his way. He died on the spot. (First photo)


Man rams female driver into a pole and the woman smashes his car with a baseball bat

This incident happened a week ago on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. According to eye witnesses, an impatient male driver allegedly rammed a female driver’s car into a pole on Bourdillon after she allegedly refused to let him pass through. He then tried to take off but was blocked by other road users. The woman came out of her and smashed the man’s back windshield with a baseball bat.. See the damage caused to her car in the second picture below

Do you antagonize other road users while driving? How do you handle road rage when you are faced with one?

Analyse your driving style and whether you are susceptible to road rage; then consider changing your own driving habits.

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