Photo: Security Guard Electrocuted in Lagos


Security Guard Electrocuted in Ojodu Berger

An Instagram user, @Yemilluminati shared a heartbreaking story of how a security guard was electrocuted on Tuesday morning. The incident took place at River Valley Estate, Ojodu Berger, Lagos.

He wrote:

This electrocution happened at around 6:30AM today (Tuesday) at River Valley Estate, Ojodu Berger. The guy involved was employed only yesterday as a gateman.

There was no light over night until about a few minutes before 6:30AM. Passersby still saw (him) at about 6:30am shaking but they could not render any help.

When the security men of the estate were informed they only went to inspect and confirm the story, they couldn’t render any help.

Their conscience didn’t even prick them that it goes way beyond their civic responsibility as professionals to coordinate the scene, even though they could not help the dead.

What am I saying? Well it is easy to say the devil orchestrated the death of this ‘poor’ guy and perfected his evil will upon him. But holdup a second before saying that. Among the few tens that gathered round this boy during the wee hours, no one saw him/herself as a rescuer.

Why? Because they have no first aid, health and safety knowledge. And even if they had,they couldn’t or didn’t use it.

This is pathetic either way. A number of persons saw this guy during his last minutes of grace to live, but they failed him but failed themselves even more and the country. The citizens of the nation have no iota of first aid, health and safety knowledge.

What to do or what can be done in an emergency situation like this is known by less than 0.00001% of Nigerians. Many stumble on accident scenes where the victims still had a chance to live, but surround them as spectators whom they had just paid their gate fee to watch, the ‘match of who is going to give up the ghost first’.

A number of people begin to thank God they missed out on being the victim by just an inch as the Lord directed them. No one ever feels the Lord directed him/her to be a rescuer.

The closest help this guy might have gotten till this moment is communication of this happening to the world which also establishes the role of information in place of first aid, health and safety.

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