Photos: China’s ‘Elephant Man’ Needs Help To Treat Disfigured Face


A brother has made a plea for funding for plastic surgery to help his younger sibling with a deformity which has enlarged his face giving him alien-like features. Xia Yuanhai is known in his village due to his appearance of having a big head and deformed face.The 53-year-old lives in Laotu village in southwestern Chinese municipality of Chongqing.

His appearance was normal when he was a teenager but it changed due to the development of hyperplasia, which results in the enlargement of an organ or tissue due to an increase in the reproduction rate of cells.

This changed the shape of his face and head and according to his 66-year-old brother Xia Yuanchang, his younger sibling did not get enough attention from his parents.

He did not receive any medical treatment and years later the hyperplasia deformed his face, crushing his teach and nearly disabling his hearing.

His brother now hopes someone can help to fund plastic surgery to help his younger sibling get his face back to its normal shape and appearance.


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