Photos: Man Puts His Wife Up For Sale On ebay … For Not Taking Care Of Him


man sells wife 1

An aggrieved husband has put his wife up for sale on popular website, ebay. A man from Wakefield, Yorkshire, identified asLeandra, has put his wife up for sale on popular online marketplace, ebay. An angry O’Kane claimed his wife Leandra wasn’t performing her duties as a devoted wife. See a photo of the couple (and more) after the break

man sells wife

Stating his reasons for selling her, the 33-year-old O’Kane said he was shocked by the response he has gotten so far, stating that the bid has risen to £65,880 (about N32, 940, 000) in just two days. Here’s what he said:

“I came in after work feeling a bit tired and unwell – my wife was doing the usual concerned bit but said I was burning the candle at both ends and was basically just whining at me.”

man sells wife 2

27-year-old Leandra had this to say:

“I was absolutely fuming – I wanted to kill him. Everyone at work saw it and were laughing their heads off. Not only did he put me up for sale but he used such a bad photo. He always moans he’s poorly, he’s a hypochondriac, then he swans off to the gym for three, four hours at a time. I told him if that if he can go to the gym then he doesn’t deserve my sympathy. If eBay hadn’t taken the listing down, who knows how much I would have got?”

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