Photos: Meet Chinese Soldier Who Is Hailed As The ‘Prettiest Bodyguard’


'Gorgeous': Shu Xin has been labelled the 'prettiest bodygurard' on China's social media. She was allegedly guarding the car used by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi  in the picture

A soldier working during the G20 summit in China has been hailed as the ‘prettiest bodyguard’ on China’s social media sites. As the world leaders met to discuss important issues in Hangzhou, China’s social media was more focused on a bodyguard that had caught a lot of people’s attention. The woman has been identified as Shu Xin from southern China’s Guiyang city, reports the People’s Daily Online

Shu Xin is a soldier in the People's Liberation Army and is said to be in her 20sThe woman shot to fame on the internet after a picture of her working at G20 summit went viral

Internet users have identified the woman in the pictures as a female soldier from the People’s Liberation Army. She is reported to be born in the 90s but no other information has been revealed. Shu shot to fame after a picture of her working at the summit was released by Xinahua News Agency in an article called ‘Who is the most powerful bodyguard for leaders at G20’.

Beauty: In 2013, Shu was also named the 'most beautiful' People's Liberation Army soldier

In the first picture, Shu was allegedly guarding outside the car used by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. In 2013, she was named one of the 10 most beautiful People’s Liberation Army soldiers. Chinese media says that she loves to sing and dance in her spare time and once won second prize in the Yancheng singing contest.

People have been discussing the woman's looks on China's social media site WeiboShe was pictured climbing a rope in military uniform

People have been discussing the woman’s looks on China’s social media site Weibo. One user wrote:

‘She’s absolutely gorgeous! She looks great even without makeup.’

While another commented:

‘Marry her. She will make sure you get home safely at night.’

And one user said:

‘Can she fight? Guess she is there just to maintain order.’

Gorgeous: Shu Xin was working as a bodyguard at the G20 summit when she was spotted

It was revealed in Chinese media that she enjoys singing and came second in a contest

She so so beautiful!

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