Photos: Prince Arthur Eze Sprays Couple With Wads Of Cash During Their Wedding


prince arthur eze (1)

Prince Arthur Eze, a Nigerian oil tycoon and the eighth richest person in Africa with a net worth of more than $5.8 billion was spotted at a wedding of an unknown bride and groom. During the couple’s reception dance together, it is customary for people to come and spray them with money.

prince arthur eze (3)

However, Prince Eze was not going to spray single notes, no, he knew the couple deserved better. He sprayed them with fresh money bundles with their bands still in tact. He sprays the bundles on them to the joy of the bride who cannot stop smiling. Some bundles are N500 and others are N1000 which the billionaire throws freely on the couple.prince arthur eze (2)

prince arthur eze (4)

prince arthur eze (5)

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