Photos: Woman Jailed For 7 Months For Peeing On A War Memorial


Woman jailed for seven months for peeing on a war memorial

A jobless mother-of-five who was caught urinating on a war memorial twice has been jailed for seven months.Kelly Martin, 42, was first seen by police officer relieving herself next to poppy wreaths but was then caught on camera committing the same act just a month later.Both incidents happened during broad daylight in front of bewildered members of the public on Grays High Street in Grays, Essex.

Despite shocking images previously emerging of Martin appearing to relieve herself on the monument, she denied two counts of outraging public decency.

She was found guilty following a trial last month before being sentenced at Basildon Crown Court.Date: 4 JULY 2016..Location: Basildon, Essex, England...Kelly Martin (pictured) A jobless mum-of-five has today  denied urinating on a war memorial after vile images surfaced on the anniversary of the brutal battle of the Somme.nKelly Martin, 42, was charged with outraging public decency after shocking stills appearing to show a woman relieving herself on poppy wreathes were posted online.nPictured: Kelly Martin leaving court...

Jailing her, Judge John Lodge told Martin: ‘War memorials were constructed in the middle of villages and towns to so that on a daily basis people could be reminded of their sacrifice.

‘Often people congregate around them in itself that is not wrong but when people step far beyond that by urinating on them that is a matter which the court needs to take seriously.’

The court heard how both incidents, on April 13 and June 30, occurred around 1pm in clear view of men, women and children.

Prosecutor Juliet Donovan said: ‘In essence on April 13 she was seen by PC James Shelton urinating on the war memorial, she was seen urinating on the epitaph with a number of people present, including mothers and their children.’

‘The officer described her has having a beer in her hand and struggling to pull her trousers up, the officer then said he was disgusted and shocked to his core that someone could be so offensive.’

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