See How People Are Now Contouring Their Nails So They Look Longer


People are now contouring their nails so they look longer

When neck contouring became a thing, we pretty much accepted that we were entirely done with the concept of the contour. The whole makeup trend had become absurd. People were spending hours carefully painting on shapes and doodles with bronzer to look like their most airbrushed, filtered selves. It all seemed like a load of faff and we just couldn’t be bothered with it.

At New York Fashion Week, manicurist Jin Soon Choi debuted nail contouring – a snazzy new nail art technique that tricks the eye to make your nails appear longer. Hooray. The great thing about this new look isn’t just how handy it is for anyone who bites their nails or can’t handle long nails that catch on everything, but also how faff-free it is to create.


The concept is simple: Rather than painting the entirety of the nail, you paint polish only down the centre of the nail, leaving the sides bare. This technique tricks the eye, drawing your focus along the nail and thus making them look longer and more elegant. Smart, huh?

Would you try this?

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