This Is How To Avoid That Annoying ‘Seam Twist’ You Get In The Legs Of Your Jeans


Jeans wearers everywhere will know the pain of another small but all-consuming annoyance.That wonky seam on one of the legs of your jeans.While the other well-behaved seam tows the party line and run down the side of your leg, its sister seam is flagrantly doing its own thing.

WHY does this happen?

This annoying twist, according to Heddels , happens because of two things: The kind of denim used, and the way it has been stitched together.So, if your jeans are made from raw (unsanforised) denim they are more likely to shrink by 10 per cent.This is because sanforised denim has been fixed and shrunk in the mill.

The direction of the denim’s weave also plays a part. The denim shrinks the way of the weave.So this is why your left leg’s seam moves to the left, and your right leg’s seam moves behind your leg.

What can I do about it?

There’s no way of fixing the damage once it’s done.The only thing you can do – when purchasing a new pair of jeans – is to check to see if they’re unsanforised or sanforised. And remember – too much washing is bad for them!



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