Woman Burns 10-Year-Old Maid With Hot Water & Hot Electric Iron


A Facebook user, Akwaugo Precious NG Agu, shared this story about a woman (pictured top left) who repeatedly used hot iron and hot water on her 10-year-old maid. Read her story below:

“This fair beautiful and elegant lady is called madam GOLD in BBA tradefair market Lagos…just imagine how she use hot iron, to iron this this 10years old girl’s body instead of ironing dresses , the poor little girl is her house help and sales girl at the same time ? as if that wasn’t enough for her she still boiled hot water and pour on her…. What a wicked world we live in…. Beautiful, elegant lady my foot, what makes you beautiful when you have a devilish heart ✋”

“I don’t blame you but rather I blame poverty, because poverty is the only thing that would make this girl’s mother to allow her daughter come to your house to serve you as a maid? I bet you wouldn’t do this to your own child
If I am federal government, I will send you to live imprisonment with hard labour…..your meals with only be unselected and half done beans without water ? madam Gold gbakwa oku… Mtchw”

Though whatever the maid did to deserve this treatment was not reported, is it justifiable to mete out this inhumane treatment to anyone under any guise?

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