Tyga Loses Memory When Asked How Much He Spends On Kylie Jenner



Tyga‘s in financial hot water again and this time it’s making him physically sick! Celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills is going after the 26-year-old rapper for owing him $200K over a watch and chain he procured back in 2013. Since the rapper never paid him back, Jason did the smart thing and hired the lawyers who managed to get a financial settlement from Tyga in his back-rent payment case. Well, their grilling of him proved too much for T as he was suddenly overcome by some serious forgetfulness!

Tyga looked pretty healthy when TMZcaught him heading inside for his hearing, but it was all downhill from there. According to the site, when Jason’s lawyer Boris Treyzon, started probing where he gets the money to buy Kylie, 19, so many lavish and expensive gifts, “he started feeling extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldn’t go on.”
Splashing out! Tyga recently gifted a $200,000 brand new Mercedes-Maybach for Kylie in August for her birthday

If he really has the money to buy Kylie a brand new $190K Mercedes Maybach for her Aug. birthday, a GIANT diamond promise ring that she loves to flaunt and other lavish gifts he’s given her, then that means he’s got the cash to pony up in his case with Jason.

Meltdown: His hearing has been rescheduled for November 1 which also happens to be the same day Kylie is set to come in for her own questioning

But if he didn’t actually buy Kylie all those lavish presents, then how did she get them? She brags on her social media that the gifts all came from Tyga, but if he didn’t pay for them then who did? If he admits that he actually didn’t have the cash to buy her those things then that makes his girlfriend look bad.

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