Beauty Blogger Had The Perfect Response After Receiving Hateful Comments During Honeymoon


(Picture: @calliethorpe)

Style blogger and Marie Claire columnist Callie Thorpe, her worries were heightened when she started receiving online hate after posting a honeymoon photo of herself riding a bike in Mexico to her Instagram.

28-year-old Callie, who posed on the bike in a swimsuit, was told by hateful commenters that she should ‘keep cycling’ so that she ‘wouldn’t be so fat’.Callie let the comments slide and got on with her trip – but they really started to grate on her when she returned home. She told PEOPLE: ‘One in particular made comments about me needing grease to get into my wedding dress and that really upset me.

‘I think it was an accumulation of exhaustion after a 10-hour flight, and it being one of the first things I saw when I got back into our home together. I started to cry and I just thought, ‘When will this stop?’ and ‘Why do I deserve this just because I share pictures of myself enjoying my life on the internet like everyone else?’’

But after getting all of that frustration out of her system, Callie decided she wasn’t going to let the comments get to her. In fact, she was going to post more pictures – letting the online haters know just how much she loves the skin she’s in.

Finally, she posted a photo of her and her husband, Dan, as a big middle finger to all who still don’t get that she’s happy in her own skin, and that’s all that matters.

And she really hit the nail on the head when she said: ‘So I’ll take being fat, I’d rather be overweight and full of love than an image of perfection and lonely.’

Let’s face it, she looks ridiculously happy.

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