Halima Abubakar Fires Back At Haters Who Are Worried About Her Return To Instagram


After 3 weeks in hiatus, actress Halima Abubakar made her return to Instagram after settling some personal issues and she took time to fire back at those who dropped hurtful comments about her return. See her response below

“Some people have no souls,they just roaming.some are worried about my return to IG ,after taking a break!wow we have degenerated immensely with no iota of pity towards humans.some rather see you suffer ,than smile.God bless you all my true fam?ya all the real MVP??❤️?to those who called and texted ?thank you sugars,the rest just keep spreading hate.yours is coming.Am just happy being alive??? so what I left and am back who died?Is it your announcement?is it your return??”

See more beautiful new photos she shared below

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