Video: Pastor Snubbed After Disguising As A Beggar To Church


Earlier on I did a post on the pastor of the Kings Heritage who disguised as a beggar in his church. If you missed it, Read it HERE. Here is a video of what went down at the church on Christmas day. Read what he wrote below and watch the video

However at 1am on Sunday (December 25th, 2016) while I was preparing for the Christmas service I felt inspired to disguise myself to church as a beggar and enter the real world of the needy, the derelicts, and the destitute. Through the help of the head of our production unit I achieved that, I was transformed and I entered the church without being recognized not even by my wife. I sat in the congregation and followed through with the service.


Yes they were some with hearts of gold who came and at least gave me a handshake when the pastors asked the congregation to welcome each other. But they were also some who carefully avoided me, they were some who were not so discreet about it they made it clear they didn’t want to come near. Although I was acting a part, but I could literarily feel the pain of rejection when some walked past me to greet others with an attitude of ‘you don’t matter’. Of course as expected when one of the pastors came to encourage the congregation to invite someone they didn’t know over to their homes for Lunch, not surprisingly no one came to me except for one or two who at this time already knew what was happening.

That can be excused to a great extent because of the state of insecurity in the country and the potential risk involved in such demonstration of love. However they’re ways to go around such potential challenges of being hospitable if our hearts are truly keen on it. At the pick of it, I went up stage and revealed my Identity and shared my experience, I couldn’t hold back tears. I saw some wiping off tears from their eyes as I spoke, at the end of the service there was an atmosphere of genuine repentance and commitment to a life of practical demonstration of selfless Love.


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