Actor Uche Maduagwu Blasts Cossy Orjiakor After She Shared These Risque Photos


The actor wrote:

“Dem don come again oh…” See, this is how madness starts oh… Can someone please get me a rope and a stick, this nonsense spirit must be flogged out of somebody’s life. What is wrong with our Nigerian actress “sef” haba! “Dem take am do you?”

“See, this is not getting funny any longer oh… Is this the new normal in Nollywood? Why are we always trying to promote fornication? Nigerian women are beautiful, priceless and flawless… they do not need to be unclad to be recognized or admired by men, when you act like this, you are only telling every Tom, Dick and Harry that you are available for another one night stand dear.


Stop setting bad examples for our young kids, if you want to show your massive butts, please feel free to do that in your bedroom, don’t pollute the minds of our under aged kids who are trying to serve the Lord with their lives. When has nudity become this fashionable in Nigeria? I guess your mission is to make guys have stronger erection whenever they see your pictures abi?


But my dear, you are only reducing your bride price seconds by seconds, repent and give your life to Christ. You are a very beautiful woman, and also talented too, you are a good actress, a very creative one indeed, stop making a fool of yourself dear, this is not funny anymore. Stop giving nollywood a bad name, please I beg you in the name of God.”


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