Girl Says Any Lady That Wear Only 1 Pant A Day Has A Serious Problem, A Doctor Disagrees


From @healthertainer – And i reiterate “wawu” .
The reason why random people who have no knowledge of Medicine will wake up one glorious morning and start dishing out medical advice is because we medics are not doing enough health advocacy online. Dear Medics, please take note. .

Another unfortunate reason is that blogs will rather carry controversial news for free but never promote healthy information without requesting for money. I mean, if we all are going to be here wasting our data, let’s make it worth the while. People no longer read books. Everyone is on social media and it won’t hurt to promote good content for free. Dear bloggers, please take note. .
Back to the matter at hand. The aunty above should note the following???
1. It is ok to wear one pant a day. Take it off at night and wash it immediately. And yes, there is no need to wear parties at night except you are menstruating or spotting or wearing a Panty Liner (if it is needed. Panty liners should not be worn routinely)
2. Why are you mandating us to wash our vagina 3 times a day, is it a pig sty? If your vagina is healthy you wouldn’t need to wash it that often. And by the way anatomically, the “vagina” is the elastic muscular tube leading from the outside (Vulva) to the inside(cervix) and it shouldn’t be washed because there is a physiological mechanism in place to wash it. So, no. Don’t wash your vagina. Wash your “Vulva” (as often as you use pee, if water isn’t available, use a tissue)
3. It is not the vagina that smells, it is the vaginal discharge. Again, if you can characterize the smell of your vaginal discharge then you might have an infection. Your discharge should not smell like anything in particular and definitely shouldn’t be foul smelling. You basically smell like what you eat (will explain this in subsequent posts, turn on post notifications).
A fishy smell from the vagina is significant of Bacteria Vaginosis infection which you are more likely to get from washing too much especially douching or using harsh soaps. Also can be suggestive of Trichomoniasis .
Don’t be unfortunate. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. ??? .
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