Photos/Video: Angry Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Concrete After She Changed Her Surname For Supermarket Promotion


An enraged husband took his anger to another level when he found out his wife officially changed her surname for a supermarket promotion.He filled her entire car with concrete .
Witnesses captured the bizarre incident on camera in Russia’s St Petersburg.

Footage shows the man directing a concrete mixing lorry to pour it’s contents through the car’s open driver’s window,filling the vehicle up to the level of the windows.The husband reportedly admitted that he and his wife were going through a rocky patch.The final straw was when she changed her last name, from his surname to the name of a supermarket, called Veniy (Loyal), for a promotion.

The supermarket chain had promised to pay 50,000 RUB (£703) per month to any customers prepared to legally change their surname to their brand name.Ironically, she had recently reportedly admitted to her husband that she had not been loyal to him, prompting the husband to take revenge.
The man came up with the idea of filling his wife’s car with concrete because he knew how much she loved the car, keeping it spotless inside and out.

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