Nigerian Girl Comes For Guys Who Engage In Anal Intimacy With Ladies


A Nigerian lady identified as Linda Uju Ken says guys who engage in anal sex with girls have no right to condemn gays. In a trending video posted online, she said there is no difference between a man engaging in anal sex with a girl and a guy engaging in anal sex with a guy because both are making use of the backside.She said why would a guy leave the “rightful place” where he is meant to use and decide to engage in anal sex and yet still be condemning homosexuals. She said rather than condemn people for their sexuality, we should pray for them to change their ways. The young lady has come under serious fire from online users after posting the footage online. After too much backlash, she later wrote on her Facebook wall;

If you like die, smack your head on the wall,come and drag my wig off or better still hang your self…I will say it again”if you f**king a female’s a**hole you have no damn right judging gays,y’all are same poo!!!

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